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Cost Competitive

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Superior Quality

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Products for Every Category

Organic, frozen, produce, chill, health & beauty, deli, bakery & more.
In retail, assortment is #1. You need the right products to grow or stay ahead. With over 2,000 of them, from established favorites to the latest trends, the possibilities are endless. An ever-expanding selection of 100 new products every month from national brands to local entrepreneurs. Everything for your store, kitchen and website.

Focused on What Consumers Want

Take customer satisfaction to the next level.
Put our Category Management program at the center of your business and begin to operate in ways never before possible. Maximize sales with the right assortment of products based on your customers’ demographics and lifestyle. Better customer satisfaction. More efficiency. All from our 100% unique approach, proven to increase sales and profitability.

Flexible Pricing Made For You. By You.

Choose the program that’s right for your business.
In retail, you need to keep your costs down and prices low. That’s why we give you the flexibility to create a pricing program that fits your business. We’ll help you choose from a broad range of options from delivery frequency and account management to merchandising support. Solutions for every kind of business, every step of the way.

Passion for People and the Planet

10 years of guiding a healthier road ahead.
The people who founded TGP did so because everyone deserves access to healthy, sustainable food. We believe that companies should contribute positively. We operate by those core values - seeing the big picture and doing what’s right.

Greek Food Advantages

Brand value / positioning - Greek diet is regarded as a pre-eminent example of Mediterranean diet, which has been globally accepted as one of the healthiest and most nutritional .
Geography and climate conditions – Greek geography and climate can sustain some of the most diverse, high-quality natural raw materials and produce, including such exotic ingredients.
Traditional high-quality ingredients – Greece has a number of recognizable POP or other local ingredients and foods whose quality is recognized by some of the greatest Chefs in the world.

Premium Suppliers

Specialized know how and expertise – agriculture and food production is a traditional Greek occupation, which has led to a significant amount of food research departments, agricultural schools, trained food technologists and chemists, and skilled farmers.
Research and Innovation - Greece’s universities and research institutes focus heavily on providing assistance to the food and beverage industry. A number of highly specialized research centers such as the University of Thessaly, the Food Industrial Research & Technological Development Company (ETAT), the Institute of Agrobiotechnology and the Institute of Aquaculture, assist manufacturers and processors in developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s marketplace..

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