Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thirty-five extra virgin olive oils from Greece have achieved the distinction “Best in the World” for 2015 at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC), a much stronger showing than in 2014 and a clear sign that the determination of olive oil producers in Greece is paying off. Greek producers are setting their sights on what’s inside by improving harvesting and production conditions and exercising control over the countless steps on the path to producing great olive oil.

In cooperation with the best of them we can deliver the best olive oils in unbeatable prices

Feta & Cheese

Feta is undoubtedly one of the most famous Greek cheeses. In fact, Feta occupies 70% stake in Greek cheese consumption. The cheese is protected by EU legislations and only those cheeses manufactured in Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Central Mainland Greece, the Peloponnese and Lesvos can be called feta. Similar cheeses produced elsewhere in the eastern Mediterranean and around the Black Sea, outside the EU, are often called white cheese.19 cheeses from Greece were awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status defining their areas of origin and methods of production

We can supply you with all types of greek traditional cheese and top quality feta  from all around Greece.

Tomato Products

Our variety of tomato products comes from 100% Greek tomatoes. We can supply you wholesale with whole peeled tomatoes in can, chopped peeled tomatoes, ready made pizza sauce as well as tomato paste. Our products have excellent taste and vastly used in retail but also in the foodservice sector. They highlight the dishes, and add a traditional hint that suits every taste profile.

We choose from a large database of producers to supply you  products  100%organic and great taste.


Bread Products

Bread, savory and sweet pastries, rusks, cookies and anything made from flour are considered flour confectionary.  Bread is very important in the Greek diet and therefore there are many different kinds: zimoto, horiatiko, polisporo (with various seeds), prozimi, with corn flour, or with various herbs, olives, cheese etc

We  carry all sorts (whole grain, with sesame seeds, with nuts, with olives or other flavors ,  glutten free and made from zea flour)

Vinegars & Balsamico

Greek Balsamic Vinegar follows the traditional Greek production method of the balsamico. All starts at the selection of the ingredients of grape must and white wine vinegar. Choosing the best grape must from a single grape variety and matching it to the right white wine vinegar is the secret that makes our vinegar the most wanted and noticeably different than others.

We cooperate with top producer and can provide you with top quality balcamic vinegar in many  different types.

Zea Flour Products

Zea is high in protein, fiber and minerals. It helps in the absorption of nutrients, suppress chronic inflammation and is thought to prevent the growth and metastasis of cancer. Contains basic amino acid lysine (Lycin) that enhances the immune system and is a key element in the biochemical function of the brain. Due to the large amount of magnesium makes the products produced from it more digestible. The products from Zea is admittedly more palatable and certainly more nutritious.

We provide you products from top quality and fully certified producers of zea flour in different types(bread,pasta,breadsticks,etc)

Gluten Free

We can supply many types of gluten free traditional greek products.
Please ask for detais.

Seed Oils

We can supply many types of seed oils products.
Please ask for detais.

Meat delicatessen

 Discover a variety of meats, meat products and fine delicatessen from all over Greece and abroad, with particular emphasis on products made within controlled, certified and state-of-the-art units. Our clients will also benefit from TGP conference on food safety and hygiene issues, the recent amendments to European regulations on meat labeling, as well as the new Food and Beverage Code classification.

We provive  traditional Greek meat delicatessen products from 3rd generation producers  commited to quality and tradition .

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