Greek olives are known for their first-class quality and taste, and Greece is famous for its unique varieties, including Kalamata, Thassos and Chalkidiki olives.The olives are prepared with minimal processing which gives them a natural, balanced taste and a good, firm texture. Kalamata and Natural Black olives are cured with just salt and water

We can provide you all types of olives ,with specialitation to green chalkidiki olives in cooperation with the biggest factory in the area

Green Olive producer

  • Over 14000 olive trees in private owned groves in north Greece
  • New facilities uses state of the art latest equipments
  • Experienced and Highly trained staff in olive production
  • Manually gathered olives due to tradition
  • Superior quality –competitive prices
  • Unlimited flexibility when comes to customer specification
  • With pits,pitted,stuffed,sliced green olives

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